Friday, January 2, 2015

8 weeks!

Hey everyone!

We hope you all had a restful and peaceful holiday.  Our holiday season was very much the same as every other "new normal" day for us...we slept and ate around Charlee's schedule, and yes, that does mean I held her while trying to eat Christmas dinner (my sister-in-law put food on my plate for me, thanks Rachelle!)

Our girl has graduated into the white bear suit! Thanks to our friend Kate for this adorable suit.

For me, the best part of this entire holiday has been having Joel home full time (his office closes over Christmas).  Navigating this whole experience is 100% more awesome when Joel is around, especially when I look at him while Charlee is melting down and whisper, "I need some patience right now" and he assures me that I have access to said required patience.  It's just better when he's here. 

Charlee loves her Pa so much!
 We did get a Christmas tree this year, but we didn't decorate it until Christmas Eve.  Somehow every night we'd be sitting on the couch feeding or snuggling Charlee and we'd stare at the tree and swear to each other that we'd decorate it tomorrow.  This went on for a week until we really had no other excuses because "tomorrow" became Christmas Day - ha.  Much along the same pattern, we didn't even take any photos of Charlee on her first Christmas.  I know.  We are not winning the "Parents of the Year Award, Photography Section" by any means.  Before Charlee was born we swore up and down that we wouldn't take and post photos of her with our phones.  A word of advice to our friends who are soon-to-be parents: Just don't decide anything until your child is born.  The iPhone is just way more convenient.  That being said, I told Joel the other day we need to be more diligent at documenting the "every day" kind of stuff with and for Charlee.  Things like baths, bottles and outfit changes.  I want real pictures of these things!

Joel's parents were able to come for Christmas and they finally got a chance to hold Charlee!

Nans takes one in the face.

The two grandpas commiserating.
 Charlee had her final midwife appointment this past week.  She's looking strong and healthy and on December 30th she weighed a whopping 10lbs12oz!  In case you don't remember, she was born 6lbs4oz.  She had 20 days between her appointments this time around and during that break she gained 28oz.  Needless to say, our midwife continues to call her an "overachiever" to which I replied, "Just like her mama".  Charlee has also grown 7.5cm in length since her birth, to which I exclaimed, "Just like her papa!" I am destined to be the shortest in our family, but I'm really not that surprised. Because of this epic growing our girl is doing I've already had to pack up all Charlee's newborn clothes and hang up her 0-3 months clothes.  A good friend of mine asked me if this was a sad experience for me and I decided it isn't for several reasons: a) I never want to redo these last 8 weeks again, especially the first 2 and b) the fact that I get to switch Charlee's clothes around is a blessing because it means she is healthy and growing!

Packing up Charlee's tiny newborn clothes that are barely bigger than my feet!  

As far as my health goes, I am officially allowed to go off my blood pressure medication (yep - still taking pills for my pre-eclampsia induced high blood pressure).  I've started doing some reading on the various conditions I had (complete anterior placenta previa and pre-eclampsia) and it's probably a good thing I waited this long to do so.  I've read some medical articles and scanned through some online forums and as it turns out the combination of these two conditions is quite rare. In fact, our midwives both claimed they've never experienced a pregnancy where both these conditions were present in one person at the same time.  During the first few weeks after Charlee's birth I was feeling pretty let down by my body despite the fact that my surgery went as planned and our baby was totally healthy.  On the other hand, I couldn't help but think, "Of course this would happen to me!" I tend to gravitate toward the weirdest and most absurd allergies and who on this planet has anaphylaxis to wasps, food sensitivities to bananas and pecans, and breaks out in a nasty rash when brushing past a pine tree, but can confidently eat peanut butter by the spoonful?!  Me.  That's who.  So really, it only makes sense I developed a stubborn-as-hell placenta with a side of pre-eclampsia.  Gotta keep things interesting!  Anyhow, jokes aside, I am well and happy and my blood pressure has finally normalized.  I have been able to turn my fear and anger toward my physical body into an attitude of wonder and amazement.  In fact, I am healing so well that I was able to do my first run/walk on New Years Day (5.7km! I've been waiting since April 12th to do that). 
Our first New Year celebration together - no one made it til midnight.
In addition to the day to day eat, wake, sleep routine we've been able to get up to some fun activities together this season, including some long walks and Charlee's first skating experience!  Our friends, the Ross fam, rents out a skating rink every Christmas Eve and invites all their friends for a skate.  We joined in this tradition last year and this year we were able to bring Charlee on the ice in her stroller! Love it.

At 7 weeks old Charlee officially grew out of the brown bear suit, gifted to her from my cousin Amber.
I've never loved walking so much in my life! It feels so good to get outside every day.  The BabyBjorn carrier has changed our life - not even kidding.  This was an early Christmas gift from my parents.
We also finally got to spend some quality time with our good friends, the Pero fam.  The Pero's kids, Annalee and Aaron, have been our "adopted children" since they were born :) We love them so much and are so glad that they're part of Charlee's life now too!  Here is Annalee's first time holding Charlee. 
Our sweet girl dressed the most pink she's ever seen in her whole 8 weeks of life.  Thanks again to our friend Kate for the adorable pink dress!

Our girl's favourite way to sleep, on her Mama or Pa's chest.  We will take the snuggles while we can!

 Much love,


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