Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Bunch of Photos

Nothing new to say, just a bunch of photos from the Canon that have been uploaded and edited.  Enjoy!

Our really good friends Elyse, Allie and Jesse gave Charlee this dress and it finally fit her at one month old.  Clearly she loved this photo shoot.
Look at these feet lifting skills! Charlee at one month old.
This tiny little thing was hungry and cranky during her one month photo shoot.

Charlee's two month photoshoot.  I think she looks like an entirely different baby than the one above!  I guess nearly doubling your body weight in one month will do that...

I'm on a mission to capture more "every day" kind of photos.  Charlee takes most of her daytime naps in her crib now.

The following C. Rae series of faces.  This one is: Cry Face.

Duck Face (her first, to which my sister commented: #shamelessselfie #nofilter #nomakeup and I laughed out loud because hashtags are dumb, especially the ones I just mentioned).

Hungry Monster Face (not to be confused with Hungry Monster Face in her 3 week shoot).

Sneaky Smile Face.  Charlee smiled for the first time while awake at her Nana (my mom).  Since then she's pulled a few more awake smiles, this one almost made it to a complete smile :)

The Cutest Thing I've Ever Seen Face.

Another "every day" kind of photo.

Tannenbaum hunting with our baby bear.

This is pretty much as Christmassy as our photos got this season.

Found our trees! In case you are wondering how/why my sister looks so damn good posing with a saw in the middle of a tree's because she's a model.

Joel's parents were able to come for Christmas and got to hold Charlee for the first time!

That's all for now!


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