Sunday, January 25, 2015

This is how we do, yeah.

So somehow our child is almost three months old, which means I've been on mat leave for three months already (technically three months and three weeks...) and I'm like, WHAT!? How. Did. That. Happen?

We are getting super comfy in this whole "we have a daughter" thing now.  Charlee has started sleeping through the night!  She can easily pull off a five to six hour stretch through the night, although her bedtimes are variable, but we don't even care.  It's nice knowing that once she's down for the night we have about five or six hours until she'll wake up to eat.  Last night was miraculous - she slept for fifteen hours with four feeds mixed in there and woke up a pound heavier.  Ha! Maybe a not a whole pound, but she's definitely growing right now and Joel even mentioned that she feels heavier than yesterday.

We have a few medical appointments coming up including: immunizations (her first round), an ECG at Vic General because even though the midwives claim she doesn't have a heart murmur, the doctors claim she does, and an ultrasound on her head because of a random bump that's formed there and freaks me out.  I'm sure it's all fine.  My sister and I were born with heart murmurs and I still have one, so I'm not concerned about it.

Perhaps the most exciting news as of late is that we booked our flights to Prague! Our beloved friends, Ryan and Nicole, (also Charlee's Godparents) moved to Prague in September and we have been tossing around the idea of going or not going to visit.  We finally decided that we have to go, so we will be spending some quality time with them this April and we will venture into Germany to hang out with my family there for a few days too!  How lucky is Charlee that her first flight will be a big international trip to our beloved continent of Europe? Now we just have to tackle the task of getting her passport photos done...

We took a few "everyday" photos today.  Here they are:

She still loves to fall asleep on us and we'll keep doing it until she doesn't want to anymore :)

Just working on her eye contact with the camera.

Love this little face!
Quite possibly my new fav photo to date.  She looks right into our eyes these days and talks to us.  It's the most precious thing on the planet...the first time she did it I cried.

If only you could see the face I'm making in order to get her to smile - ha!
We spend a lot of time couch snuggin' and sharing those snuggs with the kitties.

He's winning Father of the Year award for sure!

This cat.  For real.

much love,


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