Tuesday, December 16, 2014

As of Late...

So, we've been slackin' on the baby blog these days.  Don't worry, I'm not cheating on this blog with my teacher blog (I've been slacking over there, too).

Somehow Charlee will be 6 weeks old this week!? You know the ol' adage, "They grow up so fast!" Yeah.  They also gain weight SO fast.  Indeed I did throw my back out from hauling Charlee around and spent some quality time with the chiropractor and massage therapist last week.  This back injury was a bad one, guys - the worst I've done in a looong time.  Like, when I finally got out of bed I had to hold on to our dresser in order to breath properly because my back was so incredibly painful.  The fact that I don't have abdominal muscles anymore is a sad realization and I'm not just talking about how I never want to wear a bikini again.  As it turns out, a 4km walk with our new, amazing, life-saving BabyBjorn (thanks mom!) is just way too much for me right now.  I couldn't even sit up for two days after that one.  Anyhow, lame injuries and lack of abdominal muscles aside, things are great!

On the left: The walk that ruined me.  On the bottom: Joel holding our tree with one arm while I schlep up the hill, post-day-of-walk-that-ruined-me.  Above: Cutest ever.
 I am allowed to do yoga again and I am SO pleased about this little fact.  I also created a mini arm workout because, as I mentioned above, Charlee is gaining weight like a champ and my arms are what I like to call "weak sauce".  Actually, Joel challenged me to a "really hard" arm workout the other night and he said that if I could do it he would buy me new lululemon.  That's all I needed to hear.  Guess who is getting new lululemon now? ;)
Our first little home practice and of course, savasana together :)

Proud Papa carrying his little teddy bear baby in our new BabyBjorn.  We got 7 comments between Canadian Tire and Thriftys.

 Why do babies grunt so much in their sleep? I have Googled this question at 4am phrased in many different ways to see if I can find one different answer or piece of advice.  The most common answer so far is: "They just do".  We have asked a doctor, a midwife and a pediatrician about why the heck Charlee happens to be the loudest sleeper in the world...no one really seems that concerned; therefore, I continue to Google this question at 4am while thinking out loud, "Are you freaking kidding me right now!?"

It's a good thing she's so cute... ;)
Other than that, we really have nothing super exciting to say.  I am very much looking forward to Joel being off for Christmas, even though he just had some time off when Charlee was born.  Things are always better when Joel is home!

Modeling her sweet burnt orange pants from Baby Gap.  I love these pants so much that I bought them in the next size up, too.  So happy she fits them now!

Girlfriend be like, "Say whaaaaat?! This scarf is awesome!"  My friend Ashley has her own company called Oliver Baby (named after her adorable son).  Ash makes some pretty amazing baby things and because I am an avid scarf lover, I had to buy Charlee her first scarf. 

 And with that, we leave you until after Christmas sometime!

much love,


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