Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ultrasound Updates

Baby Alleyn has now been growing for over 7 months and we've had 7 opportunities to see him/her! That's right folks, 7 ultrasounds so far in this pregnancy.  Might I add that I have also had 18 viles of blood taken from me as well? Mmhmm.  Mama ain't no stranger to the ultrasound and blood test, that's for sure.

This week we had a check-up ultrasound in order to get pictures of the baby's spine because baby wouldn't show us his/her spine at the 18 week ultrasound.  We also had to get that dang placenta checked-up on again.  While the placenta is baby's lifeline, it's kind of the bane of my existence right now.  It's been a hag from the start of this whole thing (remember the hemorrhage at 7 weeks? Yah - placenta). The placenta hasn't moved from its low lying position since the 18 week ultrasound, so I need to go back for my 8th ultrasound in 6 weeks to check up on it AGAIN.  Our midwives tell us there is a 60-70% chance the placenta will still move because the third trimester is when baby grows the most, which in many cases can help shuffle things along.  If the placenta hasn't moved in the next 6 weeks, our midwives will set us up with an obstetrician and we'll go about planning for a C-section, which would likely happen sometime between December 4-10th. 

This is all fine and dandy; however, our baby is measuring to be quite...large, so given the fact that a C-section kind of freaks me out, I'm not feeling so confident about a natural birth either! Our baby's head is in the 90th percentile, its legs are in the 50-90th, and its abdomen/tummy area rings in at a whopping greater than 90% percentile. On top of all these measurements our kid already weighs 3 pounds 9 ounces.  I'd like to point out that this is more than my cousin weighed when she was born. This is also over a pound more than what most babies weigh at this developmental stage.  *Note to smaller women, don't marry and procreate with giant men. The result will be giant babies.

In other news, I am now officially a size 10 at lululemon.  I have one pair of size 10 tights and one size 10 tank to get me through until December.  I also have a size 8 sweater waiting for me in Joel's t-shirt drawer (still packaged up) to use as extreme motivation once this baby is out!  Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to get all snobby and worried about how much I weigh because of this baby, but in the last two weeks I've definitely felt...heavy, and hindered by how much I can and can't move around.  And someone told me my face was getting fat (hello, I already know that, but thanks for pointing it out again!?)  Thankfully I've found an incredible pre-natal yoga class with one of my most fav local yoga teachers.  Fiji (yoga teacher) had her first baby 3.5 months ago and she is just a champion.  Fiji worked us through a seriously challenging class yesterday and I felt SO good afterward.  Can't wait for next weekend's class!

To wrap this post up I should mention we did a 3D ultrasound yesterday with my auntie's best friend who owns a clinic in Nanaimo.  The 3D ultrasound was Sherri's gift to us and we were really excited to check out the whole experience.  Unfortunately, baby really likes his/her knees and the knees were in the face pretty much the entire time.   Baby was also in full splits the entire time (one foot on the head, the other leg stretched straight out!) so we only really focused on the face area because we don't want to know the gender of our baby and with baby in full splits, know. I'll attach a few photos below.

Okay enough blabbering, here are some photos to end this post on.  Enjoy!

See the crib mattress against the wall? Our friends gave it to us for free! Thanks Cormies for saving us $200!

10 points for you if you can find the side profile with pointy knee up by his/her nose and eyes.

This one is my fav.  You're seeing a side (ish) profile with sunken in eyes, cute little nose and lips and giant, fat cheeks.

Here is a big leg and a big foot all smashed up by his/her face.
And a sweet little face with a foot right on top of its head!  No doubt this is my child...Look at those little toes!
We are hoping this kid chooses a sport that will pay its way through University; we all know it's going to have the height and the quads to make that happen ;)

xxk&j&massive baby

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