Friday, September 26, 2014

The Problem With Shoes...

So the rainy season has started here in Victoria.  I got a text from my sister (who works outdoors as a landscaper) today and it said, "Holy crap is that the sun?" and my response was, "Yes, because I forgot my sunglasses!"

It's also (finally!) the long awaited Back to School season! Hallelujah! As excited as we are for Back to School (Mama gets a paycheque? Qu'est ce que c'est?) I have run into a huge roadblock, guys.


Turns out shoes are a big problem when you're 7+ months pregnant.  My beloved Toms don't fit.  My flats don't fit.  My runners don't fit.  And that's about the extent of my shoe collection, to be honest.  My flip flops have been my footwear of choice since June 14th...I don't think I've worn a different pair of shoes since then.  It seems I'm going to have to go shoe shopping this weekend for at least one pair of shoes that will fit these fat feet of mine because mama can't teach in flip flops!

The photo on the bottom left is proof that even my cute ankle boots are a struggle.  It literally took me 15 minutes to get them on. Outfit on the right garnered me many a compliment, to which I say, THANK YOU people for the compliments because this cute outfit will probably not fit next week! 

In more serious news: the delivery of baby into this world.  I'll have another ultrasound in 5 weeks' time, which will determine whether or not we'll schedule a C-section.  If I need said C-section, this the obstetrician would choose when would be the best time for this baby to come into the world.  I kind of asked if we could choose the date...we can't.  Dang.  That being said, we all just want to be healthy, so we better let the experience professionals do their thang.  One of our midwives says the baby could be delivered at 39-40 weeks, but I'm a little concerned about going that long simply because of the placenta previa issues.  Our other midwife says 37-38 weeks is a more realistic date for a C-section, which makes me feel much better.  The obstetrician (if required) will make the final decision. IF it ends up being 37 weeks though...that means baby could be here in as early as 8 weeks.  



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