Saturday, May 7, 2016

One and a Half!

We now have a one and a half year old little buddy!  I skipped the 1 year 5 month post, so I'll add those shots into this one.

At one and a half these are Charlee's latest:

  • 2 feet 9 and 1/4 inches tall.  Yep.  She lines up against her measuring board every couple days all on her own now.
  • eating more and more solid, crunchy and chunky foods.  Recently she loves spaghetti!  Actually, she loves everything we eat exactly when we are eating it
  • has a few more molars, so now she has 10 teeth total.  We are slow on the teeth growing over here.
  • still one two hour nap every day, usually around 12-2pm
  • she is fully off formula now, but still has three bottles (cow's milk) every day
  • clearly asks for specific things (in her own language) like: her bunny, to go outside, or for us to play "Hotline Bling"
  • still loves Hotline Bling, not a huge fan of Drake's newest song though
  • loves water.  Love to drink water, splash in water, water the garden, swim...
  • pulls pretty long walks/runs! Last week she ran a full kiliometer along Dallas road with barely any stops
  • sits still only to get her hair done in a pony...otherwise constantly on the go.  Constantly.
  • loves dogs! Points to every single dog we see (and places where we usually see dogs, like around our neighbourhood)
  • recently is really into her big Lego blocks - we build towers every night before bed
  • still BFFs with our neighbour's sheep.  We have a little sheep whisperer on our hands...the sheep literally come running and BAAing to the fence when Charlee walks by
  • still super helpful around the house, ie. dishes, laundry, cleaning the floor, throwing out dirty diapers (not joking!  This kid loves chores)
  • started to say "Buh-BYEEEEE" recently.  She will load up a small lulu bag or her backpack with things and then sling it over her shoulder and walk away saying "BUH BYEEE!" *waves*
  • loves her play tent.  She gets one of us to hide in there with her, and then wants the other person to come find us.  Best game ever.
1 year 5 months (April 6th) 

Learning body parts.

You can see a red mark from where she spilled my entire mug of coffee all down her.  Thankfully she was fine and we didn't need to make a trip to emerg.

She can also open the doors now!

One and a Half Years!

Unedited photo of these crazy blue eyes!

A girl & her tractor.

One finger in the air like, "I know when that hot line blings..."

I know this's the expression of cray cray.

She has a fav stick.  Joel even sanded it for her.

Those curls!

More life updates to come soon,

xxk&j&charlee rae

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