Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Mother's Day has come and gone, but finally finding time to sit down and go through these photos Joel snapped of me and my girl makes me realize how lucky we are to have this sweet little soul in our lives EVERY day, not just on days that celebrate mothering or fathering or

We are learning so much every single day from our girl - she truly has been my best teacher in life.

Example A:

Today Charlee was playing outside and my mom had just arrived to take care of her for a few hours while I went to my mindfulness course (Joel wasn't home from work yet). Charlee decided to take her hat off, and refused to put it back on.  The rule in our house is hats on when playing outside; Joel has fair skin, I have skin that easily tans, and a brief, thankfully false, skin cancer scare last fall all leads to two things...sunscreen and hats, yo.  After a few minutes of her running away from me chasing her with her hat I gave her two choices: hat on, or go inside.  I'm sure you know where this story is going.  I ended up hauling Charlee inside kicking and screaming.  I stuck firm to my expectation, despite the fact that Charlee did not agree.  Once we were inside the tantrum got worse; she kicked and screamed and ran away from me into the living room...still screaming.  I waited patiently by the kitchen door, her hat in my hand, and after about 20 seconds she came running back, grabbed her hat, plopped it on her head and back out we went.  My mom was still watering the garden and she asked, "Did she freak out?" And I said, "Yep!"  And then my mom said, "Charlee, I am so proud of you for putting your hat back on...playing outside with you is fun!"

What I learned from my girl today is that at 1.5 years old she is fully capable of understanding our expectations. While Charlee only speaks a few words we can understand ("go" being her fav), we know she understands everything we say to her. We've actually known this for a long time, but it's fun for us to see a reciprocal response from Charlee now that she's able to verbally communicate more.  I am proud that I was able to stay firm, yet calm and reliable for Charlee while her feelings and frustrations overwhelmed her.  I have done so much reading, specifically within the realm of Janet Lansbury's RIE approach to parenting, so I am comforted in knowing that what we are currently doing is right for Charlee.

This whole parenting thing is a crazy, whirlwind, joyful adventure!  I am grateful for days like today.  I am grateful that even though I'm only working .6 and; therefore our financial situation has changed, that I can be home two days a week with Charlee.  I am grateful for my mom, who selflessly gives and plays and cares for Charlee while Joel and I are both at work.  I am becoming more grateful for my physical body and the struggle it went through to get Charlee safely in to this world (more on this in a later post, maybe). And I am grateful for the tantrums, though they be few and far between, because they help me grow to be a more understanding and patient person.

Here are some fun shots from Mother's Day 2016.  Thanks, Babe, for playing photographer!

Joel built me a squash ladder out of scrap wood for Mother's Day :)

This hug was getting to be too much like snugging.

We almost snugged here too!

Lately Charlee loves taking my hand and bringing me on yard tours.

Me & my people.

xxk&j&charlee rae

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