Friday, June 19, 2015

Seven Months & Stuff

So we are at the stage now where everything Charlee does is the cutest ever and all we can think is, "Dang, can our kid GET any cuter?!" She weighs almost 18 pounds, has outgrown her bucket car seat because she is sooo long (thanks to Joel's parents, her upgrade is on the way via Amazon!), she went through another cold (sadness), we have been to the rec centre pool a few times, visited baby goats at the petting zoo in Beacon Hill Park and she's trying to eat everything in sight. Food items she's actually eaten include: banana, pear, peas, zucchini (her fav), yams, butternut squash, apple, blueberries, avocado (her least fav)...I think that's it.  Up next is carrot.  She's still sleeping 10 hours through the night and naps twice a day. Okay - stats aside, check out these adorable photos we've taken over the last month.

Two of my good friends, Elyse & Maddie visited for Joel's birthday.

We didn't plan the matchy-matchy, I swear.

My mom spent like two months (!) making a vacuum pinata for Joel's 30th birthday.

Don't worry, the kids got to try it first before he demolished it.

Charlee's become much more mobile in the last month.

Everything goes right in the mouth.

Elyse & Charlee snuggin.

Her 7 month photo shoot!

Little weasel.

She keeps us laughing, that's for sure!

7 months already!

Loves outdoor bath time.

Has no problem with water splashes in the face.

This stacker toy is her most fav right now.  We play with it on average two hours per day.

The gorgeous quilt is our current play mat - our good friend Nicole's mom made it for Charlee.

We have a growing family of yard bunnies.  Meet Black Betty and Original Baby Perry (children of Katy Perry).

A visit to Beacon Hill petting zoo.  A baby goat was born while we were there!

These babies were only 11 hours old and already being nudged by their mama to get up and moving.

The Hungry Monster strikes again.

This fun little contraption allows babies to gnaw on frozen fruit, etc. without choking. 

It's very clear she loves blueberries!

Love those little hands!

We have some really fun adventures lined up for the summer, beginning with a visit from my good friend, Tina, who is from Germany but currently works for the UN in Rome.  Tina and her man, Nick, will be here next week for five days, and then we have a lake trip to Salmon Arm planned for July.

We will catch up soon,

xxk&j&charlee rae

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