Sunday, March 29, 2015

Vaca Baby!

We had a little family vacation a few weeks ago up in Tofino.  My parents, Joel's parents and my sister and her boyfriend all drove to Tofino for a weekend getaway at Cox Bay Beach Resort.  We love staying at Cox Bay because the beach and the surf is right there and the resort has outdoor surf lockers for all our salty, soaking gear.  This trip was Charlee's road trip trial run and she did great!  We made one stop on our way to Tofino and a few stops on our way back, but overall Charlee traveled in the car like a champ.  I was interested to see how this kid would sleep away from her own bed, but that was also (thankfully) uneventful. 

While a time change was not involved, our Tofino vaca eased some of my anxiety for our upcoming Europe trip.  Actually, "anxiety" is probably the wrong word.  I'm not anxious.  I'm pretty certain that getting to Prague will be like any other day for Charlee, except it will just take place on a plane.  Of course she will be jet lagged, but so will we.  We will ALL be awake at 4am starving and ready to get the day started, at least for a few days.  Once we get back we will, again, all be awake at 4am starving and ready to get the day started...that's kind of just how worldwide travel is.  So, when people ask me if I'm nervous to travel with our baby, the real answer is "no".  My mom was right all along...the only way this trip will be stressful is if I choose to be stressed.  Oh, wise mother of mine.

Tofino sunset from my parents' suite.

Charlee and I spent some quality time in WalMart this past week gathering things for our trip like baby Tylenol and filters for the snot sucking contraption we recently bought.  Yep, you read that right: snot sucking contraption. The day after we got home from Tofino Charlee got her first cold and woke up a few times in the night crying and struggling to breathe.  We were all, "What the heck is this!?" and "You poor baby!"  It was our first night of interrupted sleep in a looong time (I know, we're jerks).  Needless to say, a few text messages to my friend Daylinn later and the decision was made, snot was sucked, and Charlee got better a few days later. 

In other news, Charlee is now rolling over (with the help of a kick off our hand), sitting in her Bumbo seat (aka. The Seat of Productivity) all the time, and she is Jolly Jumping!  My longtime friend (and former gymnastics coach), Camille, decided it was only right for her to gift Charlee with the tools that enable jumping for JOY! Charlee loves her Jolly Jumper and feels very proud of herself when she's bouncing around in it.  

"We're doing WHAT this week!?"

Everyone come see how strong I am!

Loves her new 6month sized jams.

We bought this stroller on Used Victoria to bring to Europe with us and we've been driving her around in it every night for a few weeks now.  We aren't bringing our BOB or the car seat, but this deluxe umbrella stroller seems to do the trick!

Charlee loves not being in the car seat.  This is probably going to backfire on us at some point - ha!

 We will try to post while we are away, but if that doesn't happen, we will certainly catch up upon our return! Time to pack!!

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