Saturday, February 7, 2015

Three months old!

Charlee Rae is three months old!  Her new skills include: lots of wiggles, putting her newly discovered hands in her mouth all the time, lots of sounds/pitches/cackles (we won't call them giggles quite yet), and a few roll overs from tummy to back while laying on Joel's chest on the couch.  Charlee has been holding her head up for a while now, but she's getting stronger and stronger every day! Charlee's other awesome skill (perhaps her best one) is her long sleeps through the night.  So far her record is 8.5 hours (9.30pm-6am)...dreamy, hey? We like it!

Charlee had her first vaccinations last week and although she screamed for a few minutes, she pulled through like a champ.  She also had the ultrasound on her head this week. The doctor seems to think the little red bump we were slightly concerned about is a hemangioma (a small, harmless cluster of blood vessels).  The bump will likely disappear by the time Charlee is one year old. 

Other than that, nothing new to report!  We hope you enjoy these photos.

Hey guys, look! I'm three months old annnnnd no feet!
She wasn't really into the photo shoot against the wall this time around...she just kept reaching for my hand.

Toys, toys, toys! Charlee is starting to show interest in some of her toys.

Model in training: loves looking at her reflection.

Out of focus, but look at how much fun this is!
Ohhhhh...bright things!

We did a little photo shoot for our friends' baby guy, Cohen.  There are two months between these two...what a difference hey?


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