Sunday, November 2, 2014

Plot Twist!

Hey everyone,

Well, we have another plot twist in this journey of bringing Baby Alleyn into the world! Ready for it?!

Our c-section date has been bumped up to November 13th and I'll be staying in the hospital until then.  Today we were expecting the "you can go home!" message, but we met with the OB and she advised that staying in the hospital might be a good plan just because I've had two bleeds now and it's highly likely that I'll have another. After a brief thought on the issue I decided staying the hospital would both suck and be perfect for my sanity. If things turn into an emergency is rather get wheeled down the hall to the OR rather than have to call an ambulance and come in to the hospital that way. I guess ultimately it's safer for both me and baby to just stay in the hospital.

Thankfully, the OB and our midwife agreed that bumping up the c-section date was okay. Baby Alleyn will be born at 36 weeks, so not quite full term. A few risks involved with that include baby needing to receive a steady stream of oxygen for a few days in the NICU and a bit of "mental catch up" in its early newborn days (baby will not be cognitively affected long term). We decided these risks sounded pretty minor to us in comparison to a big bleed from the placenta, so we decided to go with the new c-section date (Nov. 13). Fun note: my favourite number is 13, so that's kind of cool.

Between now and baby's birthday I'll be able to go home for a few hours at a time just for a change of scenery and some kitty snuggles. I went home tonight for dinner and my parents cooked (at our house) so that was nice. I came back to the hospital a few hours later and the nurse took my vitals and my blood pressure was a wee bit high, so she ordered a variety of tests and now I'm up to 26 viles of blood taken from me. The fun just never ends guys!!

At this stage in the game I'm thinking these next 10 days are going to be both the fastest and the longest days of my life. If you're a local friend and feel like coming to visit me, PLEASE DO! Thanks to those of you who have already supplied me with excellent reading material and DVDs, since this hospital doesn't have wifi (right?! I know).

I'll try to upload some pictures when I sneak on to the internet tomorrow via the contraband internet cable Joel snuck in to my room (there's an internet jack on the wall that works, but we don't want to ask to use it...we figure it's easier to beg for forgiveness in case we get caught!)

Keep us in your positive thoughts, we're almost there!


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