Friday, November 28, 2014

Home with the Hungry Monster

Charlee is three weeks old! We've been home with our little girl for a week and a half now and I would say we are starting to settle in.  Our first night home I cried because I was so nervous - how could we do it all on our own?  Our biggest worry was that she was free of heart monitors.  You'd think we would be happy about that little fact (!), but indeed, we were scared that we had no way to tell if her heart rate was dipping in her sleep.
Shortly after we got home Joel had to go out to buy more diapers.  He passed by Mexx and saw that there was a sale going on, so he popped in and picked up this adorable, cozy onesie for Charlee.  Owls are so hip right now.

We are so thankful that Joel was able to have two full weeks off (and another week at Christmas!) This is the scene most of the time around our house.  So comfy!

Our Sunday morning tradition just got infinitely better! Crepes cooking, country music playing, coffee on the side and now a cute little baby in the mix! Just how we've always planned.

This little one loves her snuggs.

Our first night was somewhat sleepless for all three of us, but we've made some progress since then.  Charlee is starting to organize her days and nights and rearrange her feeding patterns a bit.  She eats every 2.5-4 hours and Joel and I take shifts during the night so that we can score a bit more sleep.  Two nights ago I think I got 6 hours total and last night I think I got 8 hours total! Seriously, there is nothing like an extra few moments of sleep to make new parents feel like superhumans.

So cozy in her newborn sized sleep sack.  Thanks Shaws!

And so adorable in her newborn sized pink clothes! Thanks Mai Mai.
Charlee is gaining weight like a champion - she's up to 7 pounds 7 ounces!  We must be doing something right in the feeding department.  On the other hand, I am losing weight like a champion! I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and I asked my doctor to weigh me.  As it turns out, I'm only two pounds heavier than my pre-Charlee weight back from March.  My doctor's jaw pretty much hit the floor and the she told me I'm like Kate Hudson (losing 33 pounds in 20 Hollywood of me).  Trust me, I didn't try to lose that weight so fast, but I guess when you're a mama to a hungry monster the weight loss comes quicker!

Our first family walk! It felt sooo good to get outside, even if it was a very slow paced walk.

As I continue to heal (amazing human body!) I'm finding it's way easier and more fun to get out every day, even if it's for a short walk or a doctor appointment.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of introducing Charlee to my beloved running trail behind our house.  I can't wait to run again - I already have my training schedule programmed in my phone.  Charlee clearly loved this walk ;)
 We are pretty excited for the holiday season to enter Alleyn Acres.  November was a blur for us, especially since I was in the hospital on Hallowe'en and we didn't get back home until last week.  Whoosh - it's like this month didn't even happen at all!  We are looking forward to a clean slate and a new month, that's for sure.  So far we've enjoyed the simpler things in life, but have found great joy and gratitude in the easiest of activities.  For example, I've been able to take a shower every single day since we got home.  Joel often jokes that new moms don't take daily showers, but those 15 minutes of hot, clean bliss are one of my greatest joys right now - ha!  It's also been raining like crazy here in Victoria lately, so when the sun comes out we try to get out too.  Walks in our forest filled backyard are pretty much perfect and just as I imagined they would be. Joel's back to work full time now, but man, was I ever grateful for the two weeks he got to take off!  On his first day back to work I *might* have called him ay 5.30pm telling him to come home...NOW.  One day at a time, right? 

Baby blue eyes; she's becoming more and more aware every day!

My new fav photo of our girl and her Pa. It doesn't get much better than this.

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