Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sun, Fun & Toddler Livin'

This blog is suffering because we are having so much fun among all the tantrums. Actually, the tantrums were like a 3-4 week phase that really, really sucked.  We think Charlee is back to her usual self now...at least we are on Day 3 of back to life, back to reality.  It's soooo nice to have our funny, silly, lovely and snuggie girl back.  Check out our Mandatory Fun Times proof in this photo essay post!

We call this look "Double Pones".

Life in a reno house.

We've let her colour all over the floor and boards for the walls/ceiling beams.

Seriously her hands and feet are traced all over everything.

This beach is a 7 minute drive from our house...how spoiled are we!

I came home from a workout to this one day.

A Saturday morning Home Depot run for supplies!

Visiting Grandpa Ray on Father's Day.

Lake Time.

Crusin' in Grandpa Ray's fancy new car!

We've got a climber.

Uhhh....yeah.  She does this.

Early morning Bunny Watching.

Exploring a lake by our house.

Post nap Charles.  Getting out of bed is rough work.

Pre-bed yoga.

A pipe burst under our bathroom sink.

We are having a great summer over here at Alleyn Acres!

xxk&j&charlee rae

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