Tuesday, March 15, 2016

All the Things

This post might end up as a photo journal of all the things we've been up to in the last month.  It's getting tricky to post as often as I used to because time just goes by SO fast and Charlee naps only once a day now so my precious few hours are usually spent doing other things.

A few stats:

Charlee is well over 2.5 feet tall now. 
She's wearing size 3T clothing (yes, all the clothes I bought on Boxing Day sale for next fall...)
Her feet are size 5.
She's got 4 teeth on the top and two teeth on the bottom and a handful of molars! (Those were as bad as everyone says they are...like I made a 2.30am trip to Thriftys to get baby Advil and then took the next day off work because we were awake from midnight til 4am).
She's over 24lbs.
She knows the following signs: all done, more, water, hungry, hot!, and very recently she's learned "please", although sometimes we think she thinks it means "cheese".
Speaking of which, cheese is her newest, most FAV food.  Cheese monster.
She's getting better and better at chunks of food, but still eats her fair share of purees in a day.
Naps once for two hours between 11-2pm.
She loves to wash her hands, brush her teeth and RUN.  This kid never stops moving.  She is constantly running and in the last few days has figured out how to jump on the couch.
She also loves to climb and can climb on to our bed on her own now.  Yikes.
Charlee has become much more vocal in the last few weeks and tells full stories in a wide range of pitches and sounds.  She hasn't really said any "real" words yet, but she fully understands everything we say.  She nods "yes" and "no" and expresses extreme joy and excitement, as well as full scale rage and disapproval.  It's so awesome. 
Charlee's sense of humour is full scale these days.  She entertained my sister, parents and us for over an hour the other night.  We were laughing so hard we cried. 
She continues to LOVE the outdoors.  Playgrounds are our fav these days.

Now for some photo updates!

This girl is definitely not afraid to get a little dirty!

Splashing in puddles and then dunking her hands in.

Joel is 6ft7in tall and doesn't need to bend over to hold her hand anymore.  Just in case you needed a scale for height.

We FINALLY got to watch Joel play some volleyball.  His team has played late every single game since September, except this one!
Just a snippet from one of our many park-ventures.

I got this tent specially (and locally!) made for Charlee.  The cats are so in love with me - they use it more than she does!

Morning play times.

The cutest face!
Ohhh - she also can now climb into the fire place.  We are contemplating joining her climbing ventures and just making it into a cozy nook for her...we never use it anyhow.
She also now loves this horse which was a Christmas gift from my parents.  She rides on it like she's in a rodeo - wild child!

Charlee is so good at understanding what it means when things are HOT.  We are constantly telling her when the stove is hot (even though the oven door doesn't actually get hot).  A few weeks ago Joel was burning wood from our major renovation in our backyard and Charlee walked by the fire and held out her hands and said "AHH" ("hot").  She knows it's dangerous because two weeks later she was still saying "AHH!" at the spot in the yard where the fire was.  PS - we are waiting for cookies in this shot.
She also loves to pull her socks off.  And she tries SO hard to get them back on!

This girl loooves her kitties.  They are her best buddies.

My sweet, life long friends came and visited (missing in this shot is Maddie) the weekend before Elyse got engaged!! Was so wonderful to see them.  We sure do appreciate their visits because it's not so easy to travel with Charlee for a weekend visit to Vancouver.  Love you girls!
Charles and her Pa, on a walk to see the sheep down the road.

Proof that she can lift both at once!

She loooves wearing Joel's shoes and she can actually walk pretty well with them on, which is a good thing she's practicing already because I'm sure her feet will be this big in about 5 years.

And then of course we had to do her portrait shots with our real camera for 1year and 4months!

Head Booping her bunny.  Head Boops are Charlee's way of showing initiation into her "club"...like most of the hilarious things she does or tries, she learned this one from the cats. Ha!  You should consider yourself honoured if you receive a Boop from Charles.

Just blowing raspberries.

And then the photo shoot was SO over.

It's action packed and non stop over here at Alleyn Acres' third spring! Joel's been working so hard on our master bedroom renovation, and by "so hard" let me give you a sneak peek at what he demolished this weekend:

Amazing hey? We are getting sooo excited to see our dream master bedroom starting to take shape, even though it's still in mega demolition state. 

Below is my little project (besides working, writing report cards, planning and making dinners, etc.)

The garden is getting going again and as usual, I am sooo inspired and excited about it!  Remind me in July how excited I get in March, okay?

And on that note, it is bed time.  If you made it through this massive update of our month, well done.  We are getting busier and busier, but loving this season's change and all the projects and plans we've got going.

Lots of love,

xxk&j&charlee rae

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