Friday, January 22, 2016

Charlee Plays Outside

Our playtime experiences have been taken to the next level!  Last week I bought an "all weather" one piece suit that zips up around one bundled up little Charles and now we have outdoor adventures almost every single day!  Best $35 I've ever spent.

Adorable Adventures in the Muddy Buddy

Above three photos are from Charlee's first beach & ocean adventure where she actually got to interact with her surroundings.  She was unsure of the ocean at first...kind of like an amplified Sleep Sheep (too bad a whale didn't breach for us - ha!)  We lasted about half an hour walking back and forth along the sand. 

Side note: Charlee's boots are second hand Baby Bogs, which I snagged for $20.  She adores these boots.  We need to hide them inside otherwise she will follow us around the house holding up her boots saying, "AH! AH!"

We love that our girl seems to thoroughly enjoy being's pretty much spring for us now which means garden season is just around the corner!

xxk&j&charlee rae

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