Saturday, October 31, 2015

Charlee's 1st Hallowe'en!

We have discovered the reason for having children!

We've never been big Hallowe'eners ourselves, but now that our little Piglet is in the mix, I can see this getting better and better every year...especially because we have an authentic Hallowe'en cat.

But seriously.  Look at this!  How can we NOT love Hallowe'en now!?!

Is this for real!? How much personality can this kid possess?!?

Showing us her cool hat.
 Wrangling pumpkins was a debacle.  One of my less awesome moments, if you will.  Let's just leave it at this: Joel saved the day, as per usual.

There is a story behind this next shoot.  

Joel's parents gave Charlee this Ernie toy that talks non-stop.  We didn't love Ernie at first, but we love him now because of his sweet, sweet melody:

Riding on a train,
To the farm on a train,
Got a pig right behind me on the train,
When the whistle starts blowin',
The train starts goin',
Back to the farm againnnn.

Yep.  We love him now.

And then we played and carved pumpkins.

Next up...trick-or-treating at Nana and Grandpa's!

xxk&j&charlee rae


  1. The picture of Charlee holding her pants as she does a little jig reminds me of some of your fun wedding anniversary pics! Just like mama!