Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Summer Life of Charles

When I was pregnant my dad called the baby "Sabrina" (he was guessing a girl from day one) and as soon as she was born he started calling her "Charles"...needless to say, we call Charlee Rae "Charles" quite often.

And what a sweet first summer our Charles is having! Cue the iPhone photo essay!

I recently sold all my older lulu clothes and bought new runners for SeaWheeze.  Charlee was the first to try them out!

Every morning once Joel heads off to work we sit in a pile of toys to play, learn and caffeinate.

Just learning her colours in English and German, no big deal.  Sometimes I sing her the most annoying song on the planet to go along with this game...but only sometimes.  PS - this abacus was mine when I was her age!

We managed to sneak a brief lake trip in - Charlee's first!
As you can tell, she simply adored her first boat ride.
Let's get a closer look at that first boat ride excitement, shall we?
Oh but THIS was fun! She spent over an hour just chillin' while we floated her around.
How to occupy a baby on the beach.

But then you can't do anything except for try to keep said baby from eating rocks.
Post swim snuggz.
Just watching Carter and Jaxen play "BC Ferries".  Lake life is so awesome for these lucky kids!
She is in awe of how sweet lake life is :)

We did our usual walk to Margaret Falls.

Her fav spot to chill these days.
Just being a little ham while playing peekaboo.
Lake life is exhausting when you play hard.  
On our drive home she taught herself to hold her bottle.  Now we just need to work on the whole tilt thing...
This week marked my 10th week of half marathon training.  The last time I was 10 weeks into a half marathon training program I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant with this munchkin and I stopped running because of a pregnancy related hemorrhage.  This time around I'm about a minute slower in my average pace, but if I think about all my body has endured in the last year I think it's safe to say I'm pretty stoked on how far I've come in such a short time!
Seriously so stoked on picking blackberries!!!
We went for a walk in our neighbourhood the other night and these chickens questioningly eyed Charlee from afar.

Frankie the Sheep, however, was very pleased to eat blackberries.  Clearly Charlee loved it.

Joel just brushing up on his German vocab.

Charlee's favourite vegetable is zucchini, which amazes us because we both could kind of care less about it.  The Baby Bullet is probably the greatest baby gift ever (thanks mom!) and I make all of Charlee's food.  Here we have local, organic zucchini from Haliburton Farms, just across the highway from us.  Two medium sized zucchinis made ten meals for Charlee and cost me a whopping $2! Love it.

Yes folks, it is indeed a pretty sweet summer in the life of Charles.

xxk&j&charlee rae

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