Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Baby Alleyn's Birthday!

We had an exciting phone call from our OB earlier this week! 

The thing about a scheduled c-section is that you know the exact place, date and time your baby will be born.  The slightly neurotic/OCD side of me realllllly loves this little perk!  We are happy that we've held out this long and still don't know the gender of our baby (although some people seem to think we do know...we don't!) because at least we have that as an element of surprise.  I don't know about Joel, but for me I am clinging to the "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!" announcement while I lay on the operating table with my guts splayed out everywhere.  Hearing that announcement will definitely get me through whatever kind of surgery I end up having to endure. 

A few other cool things about a November 20th birthday:

1) It's not December.  When Joel and I decided to try for a baby, Joel made one rule: "Not a December baby!" And then we got pregnant instantly and well, December was the due date. Oops. So, you're welcome, Babe! ;)

2) It's 5 exact weeks from Christmas so hopefully I should be fairly mobile and functioning at Christmas - the most wonderful time of the year.  I was sick with strep throat on Christmas once and it sucked.  I cannot imagine being tied up in a hospital or in bed throughout that whole magical season.

3) It's 5 exact weeks from Christmas so hopefully we will kind of have our heads wrapped around what the heck to do with a brand new baby?!  Maybe we will have some inkling of a schedule or routine in place by then?  Who knows, but it's nice to think about.

4) It's a Scorpio, which is the same sign as one of my best friends, Elyse.  Elyse is awesome; therefore, baby will be equally as awesome.

5)  When it comes time to go to Kindergarten, baby will be old enough to join other kids in its natural school year rather than having us hold him/her back a year.  Yes, we've talked about this...I'm a teacher, okay!?

6) Late fall/winter babies = new parents can hole up inside their cozy, warm homes and not leave for two months if that's what they want to do!  The weather will very likely be cold and rainy and maybe even a bit snowy so if we don't want to go outside who cares? The weather will suck anyhow!

Those are all the perks I can think of right now.  Let me know if you have more to add to the list!

PS - Friends and fam who are keen to meet baby: Aside from immediate family, we kindly ask that you give us a few weeks to settle in with baby before coming to visit.  Text or call us if you plan to swing by, but don't be sad/mad if we don't get back to you right away.  We also kindly request that if you plan to visit from out of town that you find alternative arrangements for accommodations - I can guarantee you our house will not be clean, we will be sleep deprived and probably grossly under-showered in the first few weeks after baby arrives (ie. really attractive!) For all our friends and fam in Vancouver, we are tentatively planning a Vancouver trip for sometime around mid-end of January.  Maybe we can have a big dinner or something then and show off baby, while hanging out together?

Thanks so much for your understanding! Being new parents we are a little anxious about this whole thing (okay, let's be real, Karley is really anxious).  We love you all!


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